Wine Games

The Wine Guessing Game

If you enjoy sampling wines and spirited banter, then Wine Games are for you!

Wine guessing games are a fun and accessible way to enhance your wine knowledge and tasting skills! You can have any level of wine knowledge to participate, but being good at guessing helps! It is a wonderful team building exercise or just a great excuse to get together!

How to Play?

Each participant is served a sample glass of wine whose identity is kept hidden. Multiple choice questions are asked about the given wine. With each question, the wine’s identity is gradually revealed and participants who answer correctly stay in the round until there’s a winner!

Why are we so Wild About The Wine Guessing Game?

  • A vibrant atmosphere! It brings out the competitive nature of participants.
  • As it’s a multiple choice game, you can have any level of wine knowledge to participate as there’s an element of chance; good guessers can fare just as well, if not better than, the resident wine expert!
  • It’s a fun way to learn about wine and teaches participants how to tune their palette.
  • Low commitment of time, only needing around 1 hour, and doesn’t require much lead time (can be as little as 48hrs, depending on location of the event) or fancy equipment.
  • Versatile format for both casual stand-up or more formal sit-down events, and can be held in a range of settings: the office boardroom, a courtyard or other designated open space, a restaurant, function centre. Basically, anywhere alcohol is legally able to be consumed!
  • Sessions can be the feature or just a part of any greater event.
  • Involves moderate alcohol consumption; tasting sized serves of each wine are poured, spittoons are present, and the focus is on the game. 
  • Even non-drinkers can participate in the game as they don’t need to actually taste the wine.

I have run many exciting Wine Games, including:

  • Pre-dinner sessions for a team of doctors.
  • Stand-up sessions at informal workplace gatherings.
  • Large conferences as the interlude between sessions.
  • At a stall as part of corporate networking golf days.
  • An afternoon gathering of neighbours at the local pub post-lockdown.

About Me:

  • 30 years of diverse local and international wine industry experience.
  • Experienced wine educator and presenter.
  • Independent and not financially supported by any wine companies or brands.
  • Can tailor sessions to all taste preferences and levels of wine knowledge.
  • Passionate about empowering people to identify and describe their wine preferences. I believe wine appreciation should be inclusive and learning about wine should be fun.
  • I hold a current RSA and promote responsible consumption.

If you’d like to know more or enquire about booking, please email me at